Friday, June 25, 2004

What I have been up to

I have been pretty busy helping the Christian Exodus folks out. I suppose that is by this point a misnomer. In actuality I suppose I am now a full-fledged member. I have spoken with Cory Burnell (the movement president) and other members at least weekly on the phone and I remain convinced that these are good and decent people. I have also spent some time on their forum; forums being a thing I rarely participate in.

I have a few tasks that I am performing for the group. I wrote the official position statements for:

The Original Intent of The US Constitution
The 14th Amendment
The 16th Amendment
The 17th Amendment

Take a look, all pretty much the bread and butter of much of our Southern ideology.

Today I did an interview with a reporter form the L.A. Times. I have the feeling she hoped I was some crazed whacko hiding in a cave waiting for the apocalypse to start. I really hope I did not disappoint her….actually in my own country boy way I think I did alright. We will have to wait to see how she quotes me.

I am also working on a primer for the uninitiated that deals with the issue of States' Rights and Secession. Eventually this will be integrated into the CE site once it is complete and edited.

Anyway, these folks are good people and are working hard toward the restoration of government in at least one state that is very close to the Southern way of thinking. I am happy to be with them.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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