Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Moron Historian

I read this article on the Christian Exodus movement thanks to Chad

I am left wondering what two-bit diploma mill the austute investigative reporters at News 13 visited to find historian and political consultant Ned Barnett.

I have a degree in history and it is obvious to me that this fellow spent his time reading very different books than I. More likely he recieved his education via telecourses on PBS. The depth and breadth of his knowledge can be summed up in the few statements he made.

Consider this from the "esteemed" Mr. Historian:

"I'm a fairly strict interpreter of the Constitution and I can tell you there is no legal basis for any state withdrawing from the U.S. That issue was settled, once and for all, by the American Civil War."

When has a war ever settled any legal question? Might does not make right...it just proves that might wins. As for reading the Constitution as a "stirct" interpreter does this Mr. Barnett presume that he has some greater power of intepretation than say, Jefferson of Calhoun?

Barnett attempts later in the piece to define patriotism:

"Politically, it's all a sham ... because these groups are minorities even within the fundamentalist Christian movement. Most fundamentalists are also profoundly patriotic, and would not want to leave the U.S. under any circumstances."

I have served in the military of the US for almost 20 years. Went into foriegn lands with hostile intent three times. I have killed because I was ordered to do a job and that was at times part of the job. I happen also to be a Christian and a patriot. But according to this fellow, patriot Chirstians would not dream of leaving the US.

Define Patriotism for me Mr. expert on things you do not understand. Is it blind obedience and loyalty to a system? Are you equating patriotism with the "my country right or wrong crowd"?

Patriotism is something much more. It is love of home, of values, of principle. The Government in Washington is neither mine nor anyone else's country. It is just a government. My patriotism is much deeper and more meaninful than loyalty to a system.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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