Monday, June 14, 2004

"Click It or Ticket" Sticks It To Drivers

: "...Click It or Ticket is an annual, nationwide program, which this year runs May 24th through June 6th. According to Buckle Up America, it 'combines strict enforcement of safety belt laws with targeted advertising.' It includes 'checkpoints,' 'saturation patrols,' and a $30 million TV and radio ad blitz -- funded, of course, by Congress.

'Most people buckle up for safety,' says New Jersey's Division of Highway Traffic Safety (whose home page shows a cop standing next to the Grim Reaper with the words, 'We're both watching,' as I write this). 'But for some people, it is the threat of the ticket that spurs them to put on a safety belt.' Thus, Click It or Ticket is a 'zero tolerance' program.

You know who else ran 'zero tolerance' programs? Adolf Hitler..." Read more

I have always looked at this "click it or ticket" thing as just another way for the government to get into my life. Heck I grew up as a kid running virtually amuck in the rear seat belt. My first car, a '67 Mustang, had no seat belts.

Wearing a seat belt is smart of course. I do it now becasue it makes sense....I do not need the government to tell me that or to punish me if I want to be stupid.

This is just another invasion of personal liberty and an increase in the power of the government.

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