Monday, June 21, 2004

Iran Confiscates U.K. Military Vessels

Iran Confiscates U.K. Military Vessels
: "Iran said Monday it had confiscated three British naval vessels and arrested eight armed crew members. The Royal Navy acknowledged it had lost contact with three small patrol boats on a routine mission in the waterway between Iraq and Iran."

I have posted several small news items over at the SN News site over the last two weeks that indicate that Iran seems intent on joining the Grand Imperial War as contestant number three.

I cannot imagine why these folks seek to give the government in Washington more "ammunition" for a case the will inevitably be built against them.

George Washington warned us of "entangling foreign affairs", Tricky Dick Nixon warned us to always play Iraq against Iran to maintain stability in the Mildest. We have ignored this advice in each case. First we invaded Iraq when there was not real good and solid justification. In doing so we destroyed the one force that kept Iran in check.

Our Washington masters are fools, the liberals and their cousins the neo-cons and all those that think that the place of the US is that of globetrotting hegemon are leading us straight into another war.

We Southerners need to wake up and see the real ramifications of our support for the party of Lincoln....what has changed since that evil character left office? Is this the sort of world that we would live in if we Southerners had our own nation? We neither desire empire nor do we wish to contiunually seek new and interesting lands to conquer. These are not our fights.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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