Monday, June 14, 2004

Was Reagan the 1st neoconservative?

WorldNetDaily: Was Reagan the 1st neoconservative?: "Would Ronald Reagan have invaded Iraq? Would he have declared a doctrine of preventive war to keep any rival nation from rising to where it might challenge us? Would he have crusaded for 'world democratic revolution'? Was Reagan the first neoconservative? "

I am of course still rethinking and then rethinking again Ronald Reagan. Pat Buchanan makes a pretty good case that although Reagan ushered the Neo-cons into power, especially in his second term, he was not a neo-con himself.

More food for thought.....

I suppose my biggest beef with Reagan these days is that he decided to have The Battle Hymn of the Republic played so often at his various services. (yes I am certain he had a large part in the planning and music selection)

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