Wednesday, May 26, 2004

America the Empire?

Interesting piece from Southern Appeal dealing with the march toward Empire that the government in Washington is apparently on.

Based on an article in The Atlantic.

I have yet to figure out what a Southern Federalist really is (claim of ideology on the SA site). At first brush it seems dangerous but the opinions I see expressed are not inconsistent with my more anti-federalist viewpoint.

Just when you think you are alone....

ArklahomBoy if my sort of fellow. He first brought my attention to a group that has great potential.

Everything on the Christian Exodus site is exactly what I have been "preaching" to anyone that would listen. To many this idea may seem radical. In reality the movement of like minded people to the same geographic locality is a hallmark of our history.

I will be watching Hannity and Combs with great interest tonight.

A son of the great and sovereign State of South Carolina I would welcome this movement and this idea to my home. I would hope this might spur the exodus of some of the more noxious and offensive carpetbaggers that have taken up residence in recent years!!

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

Liberal Opportunist

Matt Drudge posted a good photo op of the former VP and current raving lefty-lunatic ALGORE during a recent speech to move

Gore attacked as incompetent all of the key advisors and cabinet chiefs in the Bush administration. I wrote a piece back on 30 April entitled Strange Bedfellows which described the paradox that exist in those that dissent from the “party line” and dare question what we as a nation are doing, why and what will come of our current endeavors.

There are two very different camps that voice dissent. There are those that cry foul based on real patriotism and a true concern for the course that the United States has embarked upon. There are others that are less sincere in their opposition. Many in the liberal left oppose the war simply because it is a Republican administration that is prosecuting it (notice I did not say conservative-Republicans are not true conservatives).

Gore has less credibility or moral justification than most in this area. How can a man that sat in the second seat of the most corrupt, decadent and immoral administration since Lincoln dare raise his ugly head and utter words of condemnation? It is really rather simple to answer that question I suppose. Politics and principles seldom meet each other.

Many true patriots see the War in Iraq in its true light; as another step toward tyranny. We understand the ramifications, big and small, of the actions currently being undertaken. The left may constantly hijack the words that we use as they rail against Bush and his administration be we have little or nothing in common.

When you hear the left speak of the failures of Bush and his lackeys just remember the failures of Gore and his circle of fools. It was during the Clinton administration that the World Trade Center was first bombed. Osama Bin laden first declared war on the US during the Clinton era. Clinton had an opportunity to deal with Bin Laden and failed to do so.

We cannot forget Somalia either. The US mission started by Bush I was complete and troop withdrawals had already begun. Clinton/Gore are responsible in the change of mission that resulted in the deaths of several brave men in “Blackhawk Down”. It was Clinton that decided to conduct an operation in Somalia while denying the troops there the required armor.

The reduction in force that occurred in the early 1990’s affected the force in ways that has seldom been fully examined. The repercussions of that event still resonate today in the form of a “risk averse” and “politically motivated” officer corps. This was a direct result of a survivor mentality that was bred into the force after watching many comrades forced to leave early.

Let there be no mistake. The cry’s and roars from many on the left are nothing more than self-serving rants. Gore is no patriot; his political ideals represent the antithesis of what our Republic was founded to be. Lefties like Gore may speak some of the truth that we on the conservative right speak. Truth sells and politicians are after all just used car salesmen once removed. This does not add any real credibility to their failed view of politics nor does it mean that men like Kerry or Gore would or could manage the country any better than Bush.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid