Monday, June 28, 2004

A New Terror Threat: Floating Beer Coolers

Is there a special Branch of Ridiculously Stupid Ideas deep underneath some federal building (well yeah, we know there are several such branches in every federal department)

I am referring to the guys that post these crazy terror warnings. Now we are supposed to be on the lookout for exploding beer coolers. Way back in the day, i.e. several months ago, people were out buying duct tape and plastic because the threat of chemical agents was "clear and present". Since then we have been on the look out for everything conceivable.

Every major holiday we are told "this is gonna big the big one". The holiday comes and goes with now big event and no large terrorist plot uncovered. Maybe Tom Ridge and the boys think they really need to justify their existence.

Enough is enough. Really, it seems that these folks need to continue to issue threats just to remind everyone that there is a threat. I guess the Special Creative Branch of Threat Creation is doing its work well.

I suppose the idea that just maybe reducing the activities that actually CAUSE the threat might work better.

I refinanced a VA loan on a rental property I own last week. I had to fill out the patriot Act paperwork so that some fat and happy bureaucrat can justify a job spending my tax money to verify that I am not a terrorist.

This is all insane...the world is turned upside down.

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