Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Until Johnny comes marching home again...

El Cid just received orders to go and play ONE MORE TIME in the Grand Imperial War. I do not shun nor shirk this responsibility. Being in boots is what I have done my entire adult life (with two notable exceptions when I decided to leave for a very brief period and found I missed it too much).

For a time I was very much into genealogy. My research efforts were greatly aided by the fact that my family has been pretty meticulous in preserving our history. Add to that the fact that one of my aunts had done yeoman’s work in filling in the gaps long before I became interested in researching my family.

My family has produced soldiers in every generation. In most generations we had one or two career soldiers. This is a fact we have documented well to a time long before we crossed the big water. I had the pleasure of visiting a tatoo performed by the The 2nd Regiment. Duke of Hamilton's Horse - Perthshire on a visit to Scotland. My ancestors served in that regiment in 1651 against the tyranny of Oliver Cromwell.

I shall not attempt to list neither each ansector nor every conflict. Suffice it to say as far back as we can trace WE WERE THERE. This is something that I grew up with, it is my heritage and it is what I was born to be.

My world views are pretty clear I suppose to anyone that bothers to read my postings here and on other sites. I am a patriot to my home; I am loyal to my duties. These things often come into conflict and yet I am left to soldier on.

Folks often ask me , if I do not believe in the agenda of those that would build an empire of a republic and pervert all that was sacred in the hope for America, why do I serve. Am I just a bloodthirsty mercenary that will serve in any army available? Are my principles so weak that I can talk the good fight but not live it?

My duties are many. To my nation I have pledged my life more or less. The fact that my nation was invaded and has been subjected does not change this. The Empire has through its meddling and bullying dragged us into war. So long as good southern men march off to serve I will be there with them. That is another portion of my duty.

One of the brightest points of my service is sitting down beside some young son of the South in some desolate far away place and talking about home. I simply love soldiers and soldiering. There are too many bad apples in the ranks of men that ought to be leaders for me to abandon our fine boys in an hour of need.

Do not be fooled. There are many of us Southerners bearing the real brunt of the conflicts Washington has engaged in. Fine, brave, good boys that need people of principle and character in their midst to look out for them.

We can talk with great and grandiose words about what ought to be. We can plan for a better future but the fact is that future is not here yet. Until that day comes many of our Southern brothers will continue to serve and fight and some die. I resolve to be there beside them.

I am not certain when I will leave. It will be soon. In the mean time I am concentrating on spending as much time as possible with my wife and children. Obviously they have a higher priority than any meager words I might have to offer here.

I am not certain if I shall be blogging much once I leave. There is a time and a place for "higher thoughts" and there is a time to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Once I am gone I doubt I will dedicate much time to anything more than the task at hand.

I plan to post a few thoughts (as time allows -late at night or early in the morning) in the next week or so. I expect that after that El Cid will be silent for awhile.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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  1. Spend all the time you can at hearth and home, as you'll wish you had later. We will attempt to carry on without your wise words, but frankly, we have grown a little dependent already.

    Godspeed, be safe, and keep that shrewd, erudite brain inside your head!