Thursday, February 24, 2005

Telegraph | News | Pope labels democracy 'godless'

"The Pope published a new book yesterday strongly attacking the 'negative' society of the West, calling it a godless 'anti-Gospel and new totalitarianism' masquerading as democracy."

Like I said earlier the old Pope is on the money...."a new totalitarianism' masquerading as democracy". I simply could not say it any better myself (not that I am comparing my intellectual capabilities to John Paul's-just so I do not offend any Catholics among us).

Democracy is an evil, vile notion dreamed up by men than simply had too much time on their hands. It did not work out so well for the Greeks did it. Who the heck wants to live under the tyranny of the majority when it is a indisputable fact that most people simply do not have the capacity to make rational choices.

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