Thursday, February 24, 2005

Battle over the past rages on in an evolving South |

CSMonitor"Some observers see a note of irony in the growing suppression of conservative Southern memorials at a time when old Confederate values like militarism, chivalry, gentility, and religiosity are gaining political prominence. It's a lesson, they say, in how a rebellious American region maintains its influence beneath pressure to rescind its mottoes and murals."

The empire needs the spirit, morality, solidness, steadfastness and civility of the South but the South does not need the empire. Much like the British Empire which was said to have been built upon the bones of the Scots so too is the American Empire built on all that is good and noble in the South. It is Southerners that revere the flag of the empire when others deface it. It is Southern son’s that serve in the legions of the empire in proportions far greater than any other people group or region.

It is high time that Southerners relieved themselves of the yoke of an oppressor of 150 years and broke the chains that tie us to every immoral deed of the empire.

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