Monday, February 21, 2005

Response to Tom

Re: your July 2, 04 entry (on the US lawmakers requesting UN observers for our election)

It's now Nov 25, and Ukraine is on the verge of civil war because their government committed vote fraud. What has supported the people (thousands of all ages standing outside in freezing cold, peacefully demanding a valid election) and brought other countries in on their side (including US) is the outside observers who have reported what they saw. They saw enough fraud on the government side to declare the election tainted, and reasonable people listened.

You call those who want our election observed, traitors? Why, because liberals are just as bad as terrorists? We'd take away your guns, bibles and destroy marriage, right? (Remember Hitler said the bigger the lie, the better?)

So tell me, WHY are you afraid of our voting being observed? The more open and transparent the better, I'd say.

Unless my side was cheating.
Tom | Email | 11.25.04 - 8:34 am |

Tom raises a valid question that I was unable because of time to respond to. I shall attempt to answer him now.

I am certainly not afraid of some other looking into our election process because they may find cheating and/or irregularities. I am in fact certain that they would find such things, on all sides.

My objection is that it is not the place of foreign national, extra-national or international “authorities” to look into, verify or interfere with our political processes. I believe in the rule of law and national sovereignty.

It is The People that are the final judges of what is just and right. It is The People that hold ultimate sovereignty in our system.

You assert that civil war and or discord in the Ukraine is a necessarily bad thing. I would say that when the government itself violates the compact of government it is the right of the people to act in any way necessary to right the wrong.

To concede this authority to foreign nationals in the hope that they may right the wrong and protect the sovereignty of the people is foolish. It is just one more step toward the ultimate loss of freedom.

I only fear the apathy of the people to right the wrongs of government themselves. That is my fear and that is why I believe that US politicians advocating foreign observers checking up on our elections are traitors.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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