Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gallup Poll Reveals Reagan Now the People's Choice

"NEW YORK: A new Gallup Poll, released today, finds that Ronald Reagan is now the people's choice for America's greatest president ever. Bill Clinton comes in second.

While this finding may suggest that many Americans favor only recent presidents, it does represent a strong rise for Reagan since his recent passing. The previous Gallup survey on this subject placed Reagan behind co-leaders Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy."

Good grief, if there were ever a stronger justification for more and BETTER history education. Find a president that endured more than George Washington or set a better example for generations to follow. The man no longer even gets his own holiday, and schools teach little about him.

I am amazed how Kennedy, Lincoln, FDR and Clinton would end up on the top of any list other than "biggest mistakes in office". Reagan gets a buy on this poll only because he died recently. Like Reagan if you will but he is no George Washington.

Mark this down as further proof of the short-sightedness and ignorance of the American people.

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