Tuesday, February 15, 2005

HR 418- A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform

HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS BEFORE THE US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: "I rise in strong opposition to HR 418, the REAL ID Act. This bill purports to make us safer from terrorists who may sneak into the United States, and from other illegal immigrants. While I agree that these issues are of vital importance, this bill will do very little to make us more secure. It will not address our real vulnerabilities. It will, however, make us much less free. In reality, this bill is a Trojan horse. It pretends to offer desperately needed border control in order to stampede Americans into sacrificing what is uniquely American: our constitutionally protected liberty."

"papers please" the nice goose-stepping gestapo asks with a toothy grin

One more brick added to the house of tyranny

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