Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Police assault Mother with baby and teenagers

"According to parents who witnessed the event, the policeman began shouting at two teenage boys, pushing at least one to the ground. When he went to grab one of the boys, a mother, who at the time was holding another woman's baby, stepped in to stop him, not realizing he was a police officer....
"The plainclothes guy told the woman holding the baby to put him down, that she was going to be arrested," Adams said. "I asked him what he was arresting her for since she hadn't done anything wrong. He told me for assaulting a police officer. I protested that she hadn't known he was a police officer. He told me to shut up or I would be arrested too.

So not only can he arrest a boy for carrying a knife that was not concealed, and charge him with carrying a concealed weapon, not only can he assault a woman holding a baby, then arrest her for assaulting him, but apparently he can arrest people just for arguing with him."

read the entire disgusting thing

This really gets my dander up. As a father I know for certain what I would do if some crazy fool ran up screaming at my children and pushing them to the ground. I know it would not go well, I would do much more than stand between him and my child.

I have been to Simpsonville, SC (the city where this happened) several times. It is a relatively quiet place. There are no gang related incidents to speak of and the crime rate is not out of control. In that part of SC wearing a knife in a sheath on one’s belt is not only common but very legal. Why did this happen?

Why, numerous reasons but mostly to do with our out of control big government mindset that tells our faithful servants that they can do anything as long as it is to protect us.

This goon (the fool that started it all, i.e. the police in street clothes) deserves more than an investigation and paid leave. He needs a beating like your grandma would give you if you forgot how to act around ladies.

Imagine that this lowlife has a gun and a shiny badge that gives him Barney-like powers (Andy Griffin, not purple dinosaur). He just might stop your mother, girlfriend or wife. What if she smarts off to him? Would you like the idea of this goon manhandling your loved one just to protect his fragile ego and reinforce his penile deficient authoritarian complex?

You say I have gone too far…hogwash. This character has done similar things before. You do not suppose he was just having a bad day do you?

Shame on Police Chief Charles Reece for having this monkey on his staff and shame on the city of Simpsonville for not immediately apologizing to the family and all present and firing this fellow poste haste.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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