Thursday, February 24, 2005

Charges against homeschoolers dropped, plainclothes cop fired

"Not only have the charges against a South Carolina teenage boy and a homeschooling mother stemming from a confrontation with a plainclothes police officer been dropped, but the officer involved has been fired. "

This is excellent news. I would have been shocked if this sort of thing had stood in my State.

Michael Snow, the goon that started all of this, has been fired and will most likely be in search of a nice job as a Wal-Mart security guard.

Kudo's to Police Chief Charles Reece and the city of Simpsonville for doing the right thing.

Even though this all turned out ok, I am still certain that if I were in the same situation as the mother and observed a crazy fool yelling and pushing my children very bad things would have happened. I would certainly have knocked him upside the head, he would have acted like any good nazi and pulled his gun and one of us would have died that day. You just don't do what he did without consequences. He is lucky he was only fired.

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