Thursday, June 02, 2005

What I am reading

I have either just finished up or I am in the process of reading several books. I generally do not read a single book at any one time. Usually I begin several and pick them up at various times depending on what strikes my interest at the moment.

Books I have recently finished.

The Grey Book Blueprint For Southern Independence by The League of The South.

I would hardly call this a blueprint, at 84 pages (not including the appendices) it is really much more of a birds eye overview. While I enjoyed the book there is little meat contained within for those of us that have read and thought on the issue of independence.

That being said that I still recommend this to any and all, newbies and old hands alike. The most interesting revelation was the clear articulation of current LOS thoughts and strategies for a renewal of our culture that will eventually lead to independence. Many of us have been criticized over the last couple years for stating that our culture is just not right for talk of independence. Many of the hardliners call us sellouts for this opinion. The simple truth is that if we cannot restore a Christian based culture that respects the principles for which our ancestors fought and lived any notion of independence is foolish.

The LOS has come to terms with this. The revitalization of culture and the moral and spiritual foundation of culture play a key role in current strategy. This little book portrays that well.

I am encouraged with the forward that describes this book as but the first in an ongoing series. I wrote to Dr. Hill (with no response) about the light handed and general approach given to several issues. It seems to me that we have within our midst fully qualified subject matter experts that could present detailed articulation of issues with real meat on the bone. All in all this effort is a good start.

Critique of Pure Education by Robert W. Wilson

Another small book but infinitely insightful, one I highly recommend to parents concerned with the education of their children. Wilson makes the case that homeschooling is the best method of education for our children. In fact his formula of educating to achieve a whole person, grounded in the truth and fully capable of thinking, writing and speaking seems an exceptionally workable plan to develop leaders to carry our cause forward in future generations.

Pure education will develop Christian thinkers and statesmen that are truly able to lead us back to righteousness in civil government. If we within the paleo-conservative/Christian/Southern movements are serious about restoring culture then homeschooling is a serious tool we must all put in our kit bag.

Books I am currently reading

Born Fighting How the Scots-Irish Shaped America by James Webb

I have only skimmed chapters and read points of interest thus far. I have been interested in the treatment of religious influence and the points dealing with that aspect of Scottish influence have served as a nice adjunct to another book I am reading currently.

The Rise of Evangelism by Mark A. Noll

I have dug into this well written book in great detail. As a historian I am particularly fascinated with the movements of thoughts through time. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wishes to understand the formation of dominant theological thoughts in the United States.

Romans Chapters 9 through 11

I have read and re-read these chapters with renewed understanding and insight. I have read different translations (although I prefer the KJV almost exclusively). I have used the numerous ample resources on the Internet, especially to dig into almost each and every word and its root. I will likely have much more to say on these chapters in the future.

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