Monday, June 06, 2005

For the non-believers of the China Containment policy

"One of Beijing's worst nightmares seems to be coming true. Having apparently steadied the course in the Middle East, the Bush administration is turning to Asia to tame its long-standing 'strategic competitor.' While this particular term has been shelved since 9/11 and Sino-U.S. relations have improved thanks to China's cooperation with Washington's global anti-terrorist campaign there are signs at least from Beijing's perspective that Washington is spearheading multi-pronged tactics to contain the fast-rising Asian giant.

In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership, the new doctrine of encirclement and containment was spelled out during a visit by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Tokyo, part of a recent tour through Asia. Echoing President Bush's State of the Union address, which pushed a foreign policy predicated upon 'spreading democracy,' Rice noted in a speech at Sophia University that 'even China must eventually embrace some form of open, genuinely representative government.' And she dropped hints that the U.S. would somehow bring about a democratic China through joint actions with its Asian allies. 'I really do believe the U.S.-Japan relationship, the U.S.-South Korea relationship, the U.S.-India relationship all are important in creating an environment where China is more likely to play a positive role than a negative role,' she added.

It didn't help that Rice saluted in her Sophia speech the father of the anti-Soviet containment policy George Kennan )who had just passed away) as one of the 'great architects of American foreign policy.' Kennan had written in a celebrated 1947 Foreign Affairs piece that 'the main element of any United States policy toward the Soviet Union must be that of a long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies." The Chinese must be very nervous about the possibility that Rice - and Bush - will simply substitute PRC for USSR.

After all, it was Rice who coined the phrase "strategic competitor" in a 2000 Foreign Affairs article about the need to adequately take on a fast-emerging China. "It is important to promote China's internal transition through economic interaction while containing Chinese power and security ambitions," she wrote.

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Just check the political credentials of the Jamestown Foundation. They are not upset that the US is working a policy of containment, really they are upset that the Chinese have noticed this themselves.

Read the last sentence quoting Rice again:

It is important to promote China's internal transition through economic interaction while containing Chinese power and security ambitions.

The neo-cons have no intention of abandoning trade with China but they have ever intention of encircling and containing the giant.

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