Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Good Kennedys

Donnie Kennedy is gearing up for a presidential run in 2008. We in the Southern Movement know Donnie for his work with his brother in The South Was Right. This book did so much to bring a voice to the feelings of so many. In a very large part the modern Southern nationalism movement owes its very existence to this book.

James Ronald Kennedy has a new book entitled Reclaiming Liberty which is an articulation of the ideology of our movement developed over the last 14 years. To those that have been involved in the movement during this period you know of the great debates and conversations that precipitated the arrival at a solid ideological base.

We are not there yet. I believe it is imperative that more folks write even more books stating pieces and parts of the foundational issues that establish the justice of our cause. However this latest work is a definite step in the right direction and another weapon in our intellectual arsenal.

Donnie Kennedy plans to run in the Republican primaries in the hope of recapturing some of the conservative and Christian vote that has been so deluded by the lies and manipulations of the neo-conservatives.

What a monumental task that is. I applauded anyone that stands up for our cause. The simple act of bringing visibility to our issues, our goals and our ideology is worthwhile.

What is Donnie's plan?

Donnie's Plan To Free Dixie & America From Washington's liberal/socialist regime.

In 2008 Donnie Kennedy will enter the GOP Presidential Primary. A well organized South will be the base from which the campaign will be launched. This campaign will be plebiscite for Liberty. Regardless of the eventual outcome - and we plan to win -the ideas of Constitutional Liberty and enforceable States Rights will be normalized in America.

Donnie Kennedy will win the majority of the South's GOP delegates. Conservatives in many non Southern States will rally to this movement to overthrow the liberal/socialist regime that has been foisted upon America. Donnie Kennedy's delegates will pose a serious threat to the neo-cons and business-as-usual party hacks who control the GOP. With your help we will hang them on the horns of a dilemma - either accept our candidate on their 2008 ticket and endorse our call for a LBS in their platform or fact loosing the South in the upcoming and subsequent Presidential elections when Donnie Kennedy might initiate a third party effort. See Regaining Liberty by James Ronald Kennedy at

Sounds optimistic you say. Sounds wonderful to me but I would agree it is a bit optimistic. What I do not want to see is yet another flavor of good ideas presented among a choice of one or two other good ideas opposing the monstrous two party system.

It is possible that Donnie may in fact win some victories in the South, but at what cost? The Constitution Party is working hard to build a real alternative party. It is my hope that Donnie works hard with the Constitution party. It is my hope that wise heads come together and take advantage of this situation.

I would love to see Donnie run in the Republican primary. I would love to see him draw out many Southern Christian conservative supporters from the GOP. I would hope that if he can successfully do this that the Constitution Party would take note and put Donnie on the presidential ballot in 2008. It does not mater to me at that point if he ran as the VP on the Constitution Party ticket or as the front man with a CP regular as VP.

This is an opportunity to truly join forces. The Southern movement will rally behind Donnie and he will at least make a few waves in the Southern states during the GOP primary. I believe he will reach out to and draw in many disillusioned GOP Christians.

If everyone (leadership) keeps their egos in check and if every one places the greater cause of a return to Constitutional principles and true liberty as a top priority this may just be the event that could create a real Southern voting block. This could be the thing the Constitution Party needs to rise to the status of a party that can elect candidates - certainly not presidential candidates just yet but the wave of support might enable local and state victories.

I hope and pray that as this situation develops folks take the right road, put aside small differences and concentrate on gaining some real ground.

My hopes are for a Peroutka/ Kennedy ticket in 2008 on the Constitution Party ticket with a whole lot of former GOP supporters rallying to the cause. (this of course after a strong Southern GOP primary showing by Donnie) I would love to see some real victories at the state and local level among Constitution Party candidates and/or fusion candidates - constitutionally minded conservative Republicans running on both the Constitution and Republican party tickets.

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