Wednesday, June 29, 2005


There is so much to say, there always is. It seems that there is more to say than there is time in available.

I could talk about the Department of Defense's new policy requiring bloggers in Iraq and Afghanistan to "register" their blogs. Imagine that, I guess they got their lead from China and their mandate to bloggers. You know it is just impossible to tell a lie believably if pesky folks keep telling the other side of the story.

I could post my usual bit about the meaning of the 4th of July, ah but I am certain many of my compatriots will do an adequate job of this.

I thought the other day of posting a detailed rant on the recent Supreme Court rulings and how we paleo-conservatives have gotten it wrong on these issues. We are mad that the court ruled wrongly when our righteous indignation ought to be focused on the fact that the court is even hearing cases dealing with property rights, a States' Rights issue.

I thought of posting a critique of the July GQ article about Christian Exodus. But then I thought and despite the fact that the article portrayed some issues wrongly it was generally fair. Folks will read that article from the perspective in which they live, those that "get it" will understand, others will not. I believe ultimately the article will serve much good for our cause.

A couple months back I asked for some assistance in getting the word out about our new Christian Exodus blog. We considered starting a blog before but the knowledge that the GQ article was coming out spurred us to action. I appreciate the plugs and links that many of my readers provided. Your links assisted us in getting the page indexed by the search engines and listed on blog directories. My goal to have the site "deeply searchable" before the article appeared was achieved thanks to you. All I really hoped for was a tool to allow people that read the magazine article the chance to see a little deeper into us. I hope and pray that we gain a few additional supporters because of these efforts. I view this as a small victory.

Other small victories I count among my blogging efforts include meeting a small group of like-minded souls. My readership is not large but I can name almost everyone that consistently reads, comments or emails me. I have learned much from your opinions and questions and I have been enlightened by your writing.

I ask myself now what ought to rightly be my next goal. I have a pretty firm idea. I believe I have achieved as much as I can at the present through my blogging efforts. I have now a group of folks that I believe I can dialogue with from time to time. I also have found a couple of folks that I see as potential movers and shakers within the paleo-conservative movement (maybe not giants but men of great potential nonetheless). I am gladdened by this. In point of fact the knowledge that there are others much more capable than myself fighting the fight encourages me greatly.

I have decided to cease my blogging activity for a time. I need to fix the mark I hope to leave within our movement, no matter how small history may deem that to be. It will take me some time to work this out and I suspect I will be emailing a couple of you to ask for assistance once I have this idea shaped into an executable plan.

Until then, it has been grand dialoguing with you. I sincerely appreciate each and every person that has taken their time to read my writing on various sites. I will be back with my project firmly in hand and a renewed sense of purpose. Please feel free to email me in the interim, especially to my blogger friends that may write something especially important. I will most likely avoid reading blogs much to quell my urge to blog myself, but I would be interested in occasional reminders to check out particular post, I really mean that.

My heart belongs to God, my love to my family, my duty to my home. May Providence grant us the courage to persevere, the wisdom to overcome and the stamina to endure.

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