Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Open Request

Open letter to my Southron Nationalist, Traditionalist, Paleo-Conservative, Libertarian, Constitutionalist and Patriot friends:

I invite you to take a look at a recent article I rote dealing with the de facto nature of the Federal government (versus de jure). Located HERE

I am attempting to begin and articulation and formation of an ideological foundation of our collective cause. At the very core of all that is wrong in our nation I believe we can trace historically and dispassionately the very events that signaled a departure from the old Republic and the birth of the current system.

I believe every argument and conflict we freedom loving people have with the actions of the current system might be traced to this one event. All else flows out of this departure from the government of our founders, a government based upon law and constrained by the purpose and intent of the Constitution. Our current system is based upon the notion of a "living Constitution" a democracy (as opposed to a Republic) and judge-made law.

I firmly believe that if we can fully articulate this common point of contention, the very event that has allowed all the actions and events we individually and collectively oppose, we might truly find a rally point for our efforts. Abominations like the 14th Amendment, the income tax, Social Security, Abortion, the assault on gun rights, tyrannical police powers and a down hill train approaching socialism all stem from a fundamental change in our form of government.

I invite comments on my post but more importantly I encourage you to take up this effort with me. Write, discuss and consider these issues. It is important that we finally stop fighting against individual, single scope issues and focus instead on the fundamental difficulties with our system. We will only accomplish that with a fully articulated and much discussed argument against that fundamental wrong.

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