Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My dander is up

Below are a few interesting excerpts from a woman named Karen E. Pansler. Some poor woman sent me a dozen emails begging me to "turn from my pagan ways and accept the bounty and peace provided to us by God in the form of our perfect Union". She sent me links and snippets from this Pansler woman as well as other sites such as Justice at the Gates and Global Harvest. This was essentially the inspiration for my last post.

I will comment a bit on some of the more interesting items.

While digging for the origins of hate groups, I unburied the horrifying truth: hate groups are rooted in ancient pagan religions. The Ku Klux Klan, Neo Confederates, and other white supremacist cults are rooted in the occult; therefore, they are anti-Christ. We must pray that the truth will lead them out of the darkness and into the light.

Look lady (if I may presume to call you that - I apologize for my subtle but implied ad hominem attack) it is ridiculous to lump everyone with Southern sentiments into the same bag. To describe me or the folks I associate with as members of a hate group is absurd.

The Celts who worshipped many gods. For example, Celtics held warriors in great regard; therefore, therewere many Celtic warrior and battle gods. This reminds me of the Civil War movie that Neo-Confederates idolize: "Gods and Generals." Yes, the Neo-Confederates glorify warfare and worship Confederate generals just as the Celts worshipped their warrior gods. Simply put, the Neo-Confederates are idolaters; they worship ancestral warring spirits. Many are unknowingly practicing pagan religion.

What can I say, my Stretch Armstrong I had 30 year ago could not bend that much, this is indeed a stretch of an argument.

Meanwhile, every day Neo-Confederate re-enactors brainwash our children with
subtle subversive propaganda disguised as "historical interpretation." Every day, they give their "historical interpretations" to thousands of innocent schoolchildren and organizations such as the Boys Scouts of America. We know what they're doing - programming youth to be Neo-Confederate war heroes. Sadly, their fascination with war heroes leads to a morbid worship of dead Confederates. For example, under the guise of community service, schoolchildren are duped into restoring and maintaining Confederate tombstones and cemeteries. Sometimes Neo-Confederates also restore and maintain early Black cemeteries to cover their true motive - Confederate hero worship - and to underhandedly try to prove their patriarchal attitude toward Blacks. Don't forget - the Neo-Confederates are sneaky! They keep their true motive undercover!

Classic, now we are not only pagans but hypocrites and sneaky nefarious conspirators.

In addition, CSA iron crosses with the words DEO VINDICE mark the Confederate veterans' graves. Deo Vindice means "God Will Vindicate" or "God Vindicates." For the Neo-Confederates, the Confederate iron cross is a symbol of hatred. Like the Nazis, the Neo-Confederates take the cross, a symbol of love and peace, and use it as a symbol of hate and warfare. They replace the cross of Calvary with the cross of hell. Sadly, looking across this cemetery, the Confederate iron crosses conjure up images of Nazi Germany.

You just knew that the association with the Nazi's was coming didn't you?

Specifically, Neo-Confederates are not just members in a subversive organization. They go beyond mere passive membership to overt actions such as teaching doctrines intended to indoctrinate students to push for a second civil war. In other words, Neo-Confederates have a specific intent to further the unlawful aims of the Neo-Confederacy. Clearly, they are planting the seeds of sedition.

Yes, we are bad seditious revolutionaries. Darn it woman have you ever read history?

Because Neo-Confederates willfully reject the truth and set themselves up as idols, as judicial punishment, God sends them blindness so that they believe their lies. As a result, they become perverse calling "evil good, and good evil." The Bible condemns them. "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20) Simply put, God allows their hearts and minds to be shackled to a strong delusion. Their own willfulness is the cause of their ruin. They are walking in spiritual darkness. However, God is not willing that any should perish. They are suffering from vain self-delusions of grandeur and they must be led out of the darkness and into the light.

Ah yes, call us idolaters too - just in case your other weak arguments were not enough to create a real sense of loathing toward us.

So, when will we take seriously the Neo-Confederate plot to destroy our nation? When these evildoers begin to terrorize us? After their first surprise attack killing hundreds or thousands of Americans? Or, like in Hitler's case, after they already hold political power and are too strong for us to quickly overpower? Remember, we are dealing with religious fanatics who at any minute may dismiss their plans for peaceful, political secession in favor of violent liberation. Of course, it's also possible they're lying about first attempting political secession before resorting to violence.

Good grief you cackling hen, are you now implying we are terrorist? I suppose you would lump us in the same category as the folks that bombed your towers of mercantilism.

My people have never terrorized anyone. When have we demonstrated a propensity to use terror? In our history there has never been a massive slaughter of indigenous people, we have had no "marches to the sea", fire bombings of cities or the unleashing of atomic horror. Can you say the same for the government you worship?

We must act now! Let me repeat, we must act as if they are planning to attack us today. Why are we waiting? Listen to what Patrick Henry said in his famous speech to the Virginia Convention in 1775:

Yes, do listen to Patrick Henry; we do. We hear the voices of brave men calling out across the pages of history.

Enough of this, my apologies for allowing my dander to rise. My apologies for what is apparently a condescending attitude toward this woman because she is a woman. She is wrong and the fallacies of her arguments speak loud enough. There are plenty enough men with equally idiotic notions running around.

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