Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tactics, Stratagey and a Plan to Actually Win

Just for future reference, since I believe these thought have such a significant import for my developing worldview, I have decided to post this list of the previous six articles I have written concerning my view of the degeneration of mankind and society.

Undoubtedly, over time, as I learn, pray and think more, my views will shape and mold with the input of new ideas and data. I believe what you will find in the items below is a pretty solid baseline. Some of my theories concerning specific concepts are based on notions that may change. However, the general premise that Sin is the foe of all we do and we might never hope to really win anything unless we structure our fight against the proper enemy will not change.

If you are interested in continuing to read my thoughts on the road ahead I encourage you to visit Shouting From The Mountaintop. I believe that is currently the correct forum for these ideas. The principles that comprise the only real solutions are applicable to a variety of groups.

We in the Southern movement would do well to consider the imperative that we rebuild our culture based upon individual and community relationships with God and his laws. Without the moral underpinnings that were at the core of all that was good in the Old South our symbols, traditions and manners mean little. We might only save a shell of the former for a brief time if we do not earnestly attempt to rebuild our culture.

Likewise, any group that seeks to right current wrongs (Constitutionalist, gun-rights, pro life, tax reform, home educators etc) might rightly stop to consider that the surest path to success is a return to the culture that gave birth the Constitution that we so revere. The numerous battles we fight to stem the erosion of the Constitution and our rights are meaningless if the society and culture simply do not support our ideas. Our battles are, in the long-view, lost causes.

So here is the list of thoughts that articulate my current view.

Degeneration and History Part I Mental and Intellectual
Degeneration Part II Physical and Genetic
Degeneration Part III Society and Government
Degeneration Part IV Values and Morals
Degeneration Part V Sin as the Enemy of Mankind
Reversing Degeneration: How Do We Get There From Here?

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