Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Doug throws a deep ball

HT to Dabney for pointing out this piece on Mog and Mablog. There is simply too much for me to consider and ponder to adequately comment now. I invite you to read the post and consider these thoughts yourself. In time I will incorporate my take on the excellent points Doug has raised.

My long-time readers may remember when I shared much of my personal theological viewpoints, particularly relating to science, creation and evolution.

A very strange thing has occurred over the last two weeks. Everywhere I turn it seems I find things that challenge my previous views.

I am formulating new thoughts and very possibly a radical departure from my previous point of view. I will continue to study and think on these points. I believe my new viewpoint has significant implications for my stand on politics, social norms and the very future of mankind.

I will post more on this matter when I have collected my thoughts.

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