Sunday, May 08, 2005

Defender of Truth

Say what you will about him (and believe me I recall when some nasty sorts said some pretty unkind things) but when Arkie is on he is on. This is a fine point for point refutation of a serious error.

I too have read Alexandra almost daily since discovering her blog. She has been right on almost every issue. Her post regarding The War was, as Arklahomboy demonstrates, way off base. It matters little if a person supports the Southern Movement. The issues at the heart of the errors listed in the post referenced has to do with what the Constitution was meant to be and what is the true nature of the compact of States that comprise the Union.

It seems that the Federalist/Anti-Federalist battle rages still today inside the ranks of us few Constitutionalist. That is a real pity. We are so few to begin with. We might never hope for success if we cannot agree on issues such as State's Rights.

I know Arklahomeboy and I know he meant no harm or disrespect to Alexandra. I hope she did not and does not take his words wrongly. Simply put, her view on this issue is wrong and there is no way around it.

As you must know by now I am no Southern apologist. Arklahomboy is not either. We have made enemies for refusing to spend all of our time living in an era that is gone. We do respect and revere our ancestors and the sacrifices they made. We look to the present and the future. Our fight is now, our efforts are for ourselves and our children.

We do not, however, forsake the just and right principles for which they stood. These principles are as American as anything; more American than everything that emerged from the 20th Century. The idea that a free people might decide to join with other free people via their states in a voluntary union is to me the basis of freedom. That these people may also decide to dissolve that union would seem also a hallmark of freedom.

To deny such a right and to accept the possibility that the State is superior to the will of the people is to succumb to statism. Statism is one of the arch enemies of everything we Constitutionalist hold dear.

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