Monday, April 25, 2005

Words to Ponder

"Government interference always means either violent action or the threat of
such action. Government is in the last resort the employment of armed men, of
policemen, gendarmes, soldiers, prison guards, and hangmen. The essential
feature of government is the enforcement of its decrees by beating, killing, and
imprisoning. Those who are asking for more government interference are asking
ultimately for more compulsion and less freedom."

Ludwig von Mises

It is still early 2005, we are still thirteen months before the next round of elections. I think now with great sadness of the many good and decent folk that will fervently and strongly support GOP candidates because, heaven forbid the Democrat that opposes them were to win.

We vote for these people because they calim to be conservatives. What does conserve mean if conservatives are out practicing it?

Dictionary. com defines conserve thusly:
a. To protect from loss or harm; preserve: calls to conserve our national heritage in the face of bewildering change.
b. To use carefully or sparingly, avoiding waste

Consider what the conservatives have conserved in this union of states we call the United States.

Have they conserved basic human rights such as the right to life, privacy or freedom from an oppressive taxman?

Have they conserved the appetite of an ever growing government at all levels?

Have they truly conserved The Republic and the Constitution?

They have not and any thinking honest man knows it. There is not a significant difference in the two major parties. So long as the two party system dominates the electorial process and so long as the two major parties travel the same road, in the same direction but simply use different lanes the lie of GOP conservatism will never change anything for the better.

Republicans have held the White House during every term (with the exception of three) since 1969. I was born in 1967, essentially for 95% of my life we have had a Republican president. Have these men conserved anything?

We are so easily beguiled by the occasional few that stand out and seem to say the right things. As a collective we must seriously consider that they have failed miserably to do the right thing.

Good, decent, hardworking Southerners are the chief culprits in this fiasco. A fellow will wave a Yankee flag and proclaim to be for our values and ask for our vote and we dutifully give it to him. After each election the media makes such a grand issue of the red state/blue state differential. The fellows we elect proceed to their offices and enact blue state ideas and principles.

Sure the Republicans tax us and spend our money on different things than the Democrats. Is this really the issue? It is immoral to take money in such large chunks from one man and spend it carelessly. The big leviathan of government we have now was not created by Democrats. (Yes I know they created social welfare 41% of the budget but Republicans have done nothing to reduce this amount significantly AND the other 59% is mostly Republican created).

I am tired of seeing otherwise good people mislead. Every time I visit a good Southern blog and see a Blogs For Bush banner I cringe. I have spent the last year being polite in this regard. This method has worked and in fact I played a small role in convincing a good Southerner of the error of his ways. I will remain polite. I too was once a Republican and it takes time to see the light.

Time is simply something we do not have much of.

How could a decent, liberty loving Christian and Southerner support GW Bush?

He is certainly no friend of the Constitution. We all beat our chest and proclaim with pride how evil and repugnant Lincoln was and what a murderous usurper of power he proved by his actions to be.

Do you honestly think for a minute that the future ramifications of the Patriot Act or the installation of yet another federal police force in the form of Homeland Security will be less than the effect of the treachery of Lincoln? The advance of tyranny resulting from these two actions will be slower but just as acute. More federal power to will eventually lead to oppression (more oppresion I should say).

We damn Lincoln as a war criminal, state that he waged The War unjustly and unconstitutionally, that he suspended habeas corpus. Ask Jose Padilla what the 5th and 6th amendments mean to him. Bush has him locked up without any hope of a trial.

What about that little clause in The Constitution that states only Congress has the power to declare war? If Bush can so easily look over little bits of annoyances like the Constitution he is a traitor to the oath he swore.

Has he done anything real to protect the unborn?

Has Bush done anything to really protect our borders? No in fact he opposed law abiding citizens doing the work the federal governemnt is incapable of performing.

My list could continue and any right minded man knows it. Yet we still support the GOP because they must be better than the Democrats. Hogwash and nonsense is all I can say to that poor excuse for a distinctive lack of character and principles.

It is pointless to worry about silly issues such as which judges are appointted, which bill passes. Worrying about these things only distracts us from the bigger issue. The bigger issue is that things are broken and neither of the major parties has the moral fiber to fix it.

Our solution is simple. We must divorce ourselves from the game. We must refuse to participate or give our votes away to what we believe to be the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil and we can judge the two parties by their rotten fruit.

I do not believe a third party will ever carry the day at the national level. We may find someday that local change is our only recourse. But, alas, the fight is worth it. So long as good men sit by and do nothing we will get exactly what we deserve.

Wake up and claim the heritage of our forefathers and act like men; or lie down like the sheep we have become. But do not complain about the state of affairs or hope for a better tommorow if we as a people cannot drag ourselves out of the slumber we are in and begin to live and act as if we truly inherited the principles and character of all the great Southerners before us.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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