Monday, April 25, 2005

The Alliance Grows

I'd like to welcome three new members toThe Rebel Alliance:
Redneck Scribe, Smoke Signals, and Agent Sillyboots.

UPDATE: Add Ponderings & Musings and Celtic Lassie to the list as well

The Current Alliance members

Rebel Yell
The Flannel Avenger
Southern Rights
Southern Loyalist
Southern Knight
Confederate American
The Crusader
Confederate Yankee
Rebel Talk
Ozark Rambler
Redneck Scribe
Smoke Signals
Agent Sillyboots
Ponderings & Musings
Celtic Lassie

I for one would like to see the Alliance again take up the charter of collectively speaking to the world about our noble cause. If any one is interested in discussing the creation of simple by-laws that might help us avoid any future disagreements over stratagy and implementation such as occured a year or so ago I woud be all for it.

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