Monday, April 11, 2005

Shameless Request For Help

I am going to ask for a little help here.

First a disclaimer.

I realize that most of the folks in the world disagree with me. I realize even still that the few folks that read my blog do not agree with me always. I know this. I am going to ask for some assistance in something that I understand most people do not agree with.

Well anyway here it is. As you know I have supported Christian Exodus for the last year, essentially from the first months of its creation. The movement is misunderstood; the principles of Christianity and Constitutionalism are foreign to many. The notion of modern secession in the US (if it came to that) is completely alien; most people would deny that it is a legitimate political remedy.

I want nothing more than a forum for the group to express our goals, objectives and ideas. If once in the public forum our ideas do not carry weight with anyone so be it. I believe that there are others out there that will share in our vision of the world. I assure you we are not dangerous, crazy or a cult. (in fact the group is not a religious group at all but rather a political group of like minded religious folks from all walks of the Christian faith)

In less than a month an article will be published in GQ about the group. There have been several other articles before, after each article there is a buzz of interest and then things die down. I would like to sustain the attention long enough to properly articulate the message.

Recently we started a new blog. It is my hope that in the attention following the GQ article that many people will visit the site and learn a little about what we really believe. The problem is the blog is brand new, not indexed in the search engines and not on the blogsphere radar.

My request is simple. If you have a blog or web site place a link on your site on a high ranking (Google rank) page. Hopefully with enough links in the short term the page will get indexed properly. If you are inclined once the article in GQ appears write a blurb about our blog. It does not matter what you say, agree or disagree. If a minor blogstorm erupts in the aftermath so much the better.

If you really want to help ask your blogging readers to post a link, again it does not matter if they say we are crazy or nuts. Let the message be heard and then let people decide. This is really all I am asking.

I promise not to ask for assistance in the future and I promise to do my best to repay any kindness extended to me in this endeavor. (I also apologize for the shameless request for linkage)

the link

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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