Thursday, March 03, 2005

States' Rights v. the Supreme Court

"Even the federalists of Hamilton's day would see this latest ruling as a violation of trust, an affront to judicial precedent and a breech of constitutional authority. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that grants the federal judiciary the power to exercise control over issues that were clearly meant to be left up to the states. To suggest otherwise is to say that the Supreme Court is above the very law it is supposed to uphold."

Excellent post over at The States' Rights Review

And here is another:

"It's amazing how quickly people forget. Secession was at one time viewed as an absolute right retained by the people of the various states, a fact undeniable since it was an act of secession that gave birth to our nation in the first place. Today, anyone who believes that states have a moral and constitutional right to secede is looked upon with the kind of disgust and contempt normally reserved for the criminally insane." Read More

Lee has been right on with his last three posts!!

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