Friday, March 11, 2005

Police Accused Of Tasering Suspect To Get Urine Sample

"A police officer twice used a Taser stun device on a drug suspect who was restrained to a hospital bed because the man refused to give a urine sample to medical staff, authorities said."

I am all for punishing criminals. I fully support the death penalty and I think convicted criminals ought to be locked away and put in funny clothes and made to work like dogs...

However that is for convicted criminals. Police are just all to happy to mistreat suspects without any regard to personal human freedom or rights. How is it possibly right to force a person not convicted of a crime to undergo a medical procedure. How can we possibly accept a world in which goons shock and taser people because they will not pee in a cup or allow a tube to be placed in their most sensitive areas?

These taser devices and the nazis that use them are simply ought of control. If we do not wake up and realize that when we accept this sort of thing done to even the worst among us it diminishes all of our rights. Sure this happened to a guy on the fringe, a guy that admitted using cocaine. There are too many examples of these devices being used on "ordinary" people simply because they refuse to submit to bullying from police.

If we do not wake up and realize the long-termm ramifications of this slippery slope we will eventually all live in fear of the police.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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