Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Inside the mind of the warrior

Excellent link and comments on an AAR (after action review) published at Blackfive.

This is an excellent AAR. I went into Fallujah during Operation Al Far just a few short months ago. We were not nearly so “enlightened” at that point as to the tactics of who we faced and what motivated different groups. However, many of the things discussed in the AAR concerning guerillas and martyrs and their different tactics and motivations began to become slightly apparent.

I have a real problem with those on the left that oppose the war based upon nothing more than their liberalism. I hate it most when they use terms that have some truth to them. All of my buddies I served there with, those I lost and those that are still there deserve more than liberal dribble.

On the other hand there are legitimate questions. Especially for anyone that considers themselves a conservative. The gulf between neoconservative and paleoconservative thought is extremely vast right now.

As a paleoconservative I am adamantly opposed to the war and why we are fighting it. (still I went and did my duty). All the same, there is an element of folks there fighting for what they view and their way of life. I have a hard time thinking it is right for one nation to impose its will on other people. I do not see the real threat there, either now or before the war.

I am so much alone in my views, being conservative there are few that understand or agree with me. All the same, after having been to that country three times ( 1991, the ground war and again in 2004) I just do not see the point in all of this nor do I understand how our efforts will ultimately make things any better.

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem
El Cid

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