Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our Little Girls

RICHMOND, Va. -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said Thursday he would sign legislation requiring all sixth-grade girls to be vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer. (Link via Elena Maria Vidal)

First Texas, now Virginia. What on Earth does this say about our society that we have to vaccinate sixth-grade girls against sexually transmitted diseases? I certainly understand the reality of teenage hormones but there is something very different in a world where teenagers fool around with that "one special someone" and a world where they are having "hot monkey-sex" with everybody and anybody.

Perhaps if we thought a little more about the culture around us and the influences our children soak in from the first moment we surrender their development to the television and the Internet we might not need such a vaccine.

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  1. I think that these politicians ought to be the first in line to have their entire families "vaccinated" three times, just to make sure these "vaccinations" are safe.

    Besides, who died and made the government the caretaker of all the children?