Tuesday, February 20, 2007

McCain Talks

Don't be so easily fooled by this guy either. Kudos to him for his service in Vietnam - what he endured there as a POW was far worse than anything I encountered in Iraq or Afghanistan. That point being accepted and set aside.

It seems he has come to SC to court conservative Christians.

WLTX- The Arizona senator returned to South Carolina Sunday to try to build support among Christian conservatives for his presidential bid.

The voters in that group can sway the state's first-in-the-South G-O-P presidential primary.

McCain campaigned at a hot dog social then was heading to an evening rally promoting an abstinence program for teenagers in Spartanburg.

If any conservative Christian in South Carolina really believes that there is a conservative Christian trying for either the Republican or Democratic nomination please contact me - I have some land I want you to look at. (You might argue Tancrendo but that remains to be seen)

Do these people just think we are fools or worse still are we fools? There is not a dimes worth of difference in either party, they are different sides to the same coin. Sure one wants to spend your money here and expand government there while the other has slightly different ideas - but in principle they are the same. They both want bigger government and more control.

Think it not true? Just name real downsizing of government that has ever occurred under Republican leadership. Name one important and permanent thing (i.e. culture) that has been protected or preserved under Republican leadership. You cannot, they talk the talk but conservatives they are not.

It is high time conservative Christians actually came to understand this. Stop being the patsies and fools for liars and thieves.

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