Friday, August 04, 2006

Quick, Quick, Where's My Blindfold?

"The NCAA may ban postseason games in South Carolina because the secession flag flies on the statehouse grounds."

Folks just need to back off us in SC. We took the flag off the statehouse dome and moved it to a memorial. I am personally ok with that. I have friends that swore that was just the first move. They were right.

So do other people believe that an entire period of state history should be put in the closet. Many South Carolinians fought and died for their home and the cause this flag was raised over. Should all be forgotten. Obviously so to the PC crowd.

This sort of thing is just wrong on so many levels that it is pointless to discuss it. Just back off and leave us alone. Keep pushing and the day will come when good folks will eventually say "no more". Mark it down there is change in the wind. The flag and where it flies is but a small issue compared to the intolerable usurpations of power exercised daily by the federal government. Those excesses added to the fire with nonsense like other people telling us which portions of our history are acceptable to them will one day result in a real conflict.

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