Friday, August 11, 2006

Our Friend Israel

Here is an post I saved as a draft over a year ago. I found this when doing a little blog clean-up.

Reuters" Israel publicly apologized to the United States on Sunday over arms exports to China that have drawn criticism from Washington and strained U.S.-Israeli security ties."


The neo-conservatives support the fundamentalist belief that the United States MUST support the man-made nation of Israel because they are convinced this must be the chosen people of God. This is a symbiotic relationship. The neoconservatives need Israel for their foreign policy, the evangelical fundamentalist need a political ally to ensure the support of Israel and Israel needs the US to run interference in the UN and elsewhere for their domestic and foreign policies.

At the same time the neo-conservatives fear the growing power of China and have engaged in a policy of containment that has only served to force the Chinese into a more hostile and threatening stance.

And now it seems that our dedication and encouragement of the one (Israel) has back fired as they have greedily engaged in dangerous trade relations with the other (China).

How foolish this all is, there is simply a better way and honest thinking men know it. All of these entangling foreign alliances and relationships combined with meddling and subtly veiled belligerence will not make for a happy future for anyone (other than the nation of Israel - not the Israeli people - and the globe trotting neo-conservatives).

I am no hater of Jews, do not take my words wrong. I simply do not believe that the Bible states that Christians must blindly support everything the man-made state of Israel does. The neo-conservatives know what they are doing; the evangelicals are just providing the votes and support to allow it, without really understanding the magnitude of their mistake.

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