Saturday, July 08, 2006

Two Updates and some help please

I spent the weekend updating the code on Shouting From the Mountaintop. During my Hiatus things got a little messy.

I have also been busy reconstructing the American Secession Project. Arkie I am calling you out in public buddy. When you get back in the fight I need your help.

Matt, Lee, Larry, Joseph and any of you other good fellow out there I am calling you out too. Back in 2004 when The American Secession Project began NOBODY was talking about a collaboration of all the independence and secession groups in North America. Now the Middlebuy Institute is hosting the first National Conference this November that will bring together folks from Hawaii, Alaska, California, South Carolina, states from all over New England (to include Vermont of course), Christian Exodus and the League of the South. Major kudos to the Middlebury Institute for making this dream a reality.

There is still a work for the American Secession Project to complete. We must engage in the battle to make States' Rights, self-determination, and secession topics of polite conversation. These issues must enter the mainstream of political thought if we ever truly hope for freedom. Y'all give us some help with ASP!!

Dum Spiro Spero
El Cid

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