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Twenty-Four Justifications for Our Cause

A Partial List of Grievances

First: In violation of the War Powers Clause of the Constitution(Article 1, Section 8), the President has colluded with the Congress to pass legislation that transfers to the President the power to apply the armed forces of the United States of America in hostilities in Iraq without a Congressional Declaration of War.

Second: In a hasty response to widespread fear and panic following 911, our elected representatives enacted the U.S.A. Patriot Act (with many having not read it), which by the plain language of the Act, violates and seizes a number of the unalienable rights of the People.

Third: Our government has relinquished direct control of the monetary system of this nation to a privately owned central bank and has transformed our money into nothing but limitless debt. And, a significant portion of the Federal Reserve stock is held by foreign entities.

Fourth: the U.S. Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service reneged on their July 2001 agreement to appear at a recorded, public forum to answer the Petition of The People, with its well documented legal charges, relating to the fraudulent origin and illegal operation of the federal income tax system. The United States government as the central government representing the American nation has failed us, The American People. The government itself has thus far been unwilling to seriously address our pleas for redress. It is unlikely that any serious effort will be forthcoming to address the justifications of our cause listed herein or the dozens of other righteous complaints we hold as the tenets of our cause.

Fifth: IRS tax codes relating to churches prevent pastors from speaking out from the pulpit on political matters. Our history is replete with the free exercise of speech from the pulpit. The current laws and regulations amount to nothing more than the denial of a basic human right to a segment of the population.

Sixth: The United States government has ignored the wise words of George Washington and has progressively engaged in foreign entanglements and wars.

Seventh: The United States government has failed to ensure the most basic of human liberty, that of life, to millions of unborn Americans. Furthermore the central government has denied the power of the various states to act on this basic matter of human liberty.

Eighth: The central government through overt and nefarious action has enacted (the 14th) and passed (16th and 17th) amendments to the Constitution that are contrary to the original intent of the compact of union and detrimental to the liberty of the People.

Ninth: The United States government has redefined for itself roles and functions outside the original intent and delegated powers included in the Constitution (ex. Department of Education, Social Security, Federal Police Power).

Tenth: The United States government continues to hold its own judgment of the righteousness, justness and constitutionality supreme above the cries of the States and the people.

Eleventh: The United States government continues to abandon the principles, values and traditions of America, her people and the various States.

Twelfth: The President has, without due process, suspended the constitutional rights of American citizens; detaining them without trail or without bringing charges.

Thirteenth: Taxation of working citizens amounts to nearly 40% of their income. Government takes from those that work without asking; and spends their money without explicit permission or fiscal responsibility.

Fourteenth: The IRS tax code makes guilty men of innocent taxpayers; forcing those accused to prove their innocence. This is contrary to basic American principles of justice that state the accused is innocent until proven guilty.

Fifteenth: Parents of school age children are not afforded real choice in the education of their children. They are instead forced to pay twice for choice; once through taxes and again through tuition to the school of their choice.

Sixteenth: The US government has taken unto itself through the dispensation of funds the management and leadership of our public education system. This is contrary to the powers specifically delegated to the central government and reserved to the States and People.

Seventeenth: Since taking over the primary responsibility for the education of our children the quality of the education provided has steadily deteriorated.

Eighteenth: The United States government has entered into numerous treaties and agreements that undermine the sovereignty and autonomy of the Nation.

Ninetieth: The United States government has abandoned the basic tenets of the American Republic and slowly but steadily replaced it with a social welfare state consisting of two classes; those that work and those that feed at the government trough.

Twentieth: The United States has further abandoned the Republican form of government by dictating the manner in which states elect senators and redefining the role of the individual citizen and their relationship to the central government.

Twenty-First: The United States government has failed in its responsibility to secure the nations borders. As a result many government programs and citizen tax money goes to support illegals.

Twenty-Second: The United States government has failed in the primary task of all good governments; that is to protect the people from evil. Our popular culture has transformed from that of a model for others to aspire to emulate to that of a pariah. Our children are exposed to every form of perversion and right minded Americans have their sensibilities offended at every turn. Instead of protecting the citizenry from this evil, the central government has endorsed an atmosphere that encourages the continued demise of our culture.

Twenty-Third: The sanctity of a man's home and the Fourth Amendment no longer hold any relevance, police may enter homes unreasonably and without even knocking.

Twenty-Fourth: The Executive Branch has assumed powers unto itself that exceed the intent of the Constituion, in effect establishing a Unitary Executive with the power to ignore laws the President deems as contrary to his powers. This novel theory of government makes the Legislative and Judicial branches unnecessary.

The Declaration of Independence listed twenty-eight justifications why the various colonies demanded their independence from Britain. They were demanding outright freedom. I have listed twenty-four valid and pressing justifications here. We are only asking for a restoration of our rights. I think the weight of our grievances is sufficient to justify our cause and this list is by no means exhaustive.

Dum Spiro Spero
El Cid

(originally posted 20 April 2005, list updated 01 July 2006)

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