Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Sheriff that Understands His Duty

Under common law this is exactly what a county sheriff is supposed to do:

Otero County decided to put the State law to thin out the forests to the test and notified the feds.  The US Forest Service threatened to ARREST Congressman Steve Pearce and Otero County Commissioners!  Otero County Sheriff Benny House reportedly advised the feds that if they made any arrests, he would then arrest the feds on kidnapping charges.
On September 17th, keeping his Oath of Office to the Constitution and the People, Sheriff Benny House and his SWAT Team protected the tree cutters.  The feds backed down!  The feds were absent from the Tree Party Rebellion.  This is because within the county, the sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in the land. (From The Tenth Amendment Center)

We meed more sheriffs in counties across the land to understand that under common law they are the highest law enforcement in their county, no matter who may show up in a federal costume.

Kudo's Sheriff House!

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