Thursday, November 23, 2006

Anderson Sells Out To Fear

In a letter dated October 30, the SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED) informed the County of the successful results of its annual review of Anderson County’s Homeland Security funds. Read more...
Well the discerning among us have to ask the question...why on God's green Earth does Anderson County need any funding from the Department of Homeland Insecurity? Make no mistake these are Federal dollars with Federal strings attached--
Anderson County has received $1,137,587 in Homeland Security Grant funds since 2003.
All FEMA and Homeland Security grant monies are also included as part of the County's annual external audit. In particular, the amounts are included in the Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards. The County's commitment to following General Accounting Practices and Procedures also includes employing a CPA within the Emergency Services division.
The requirement to hire a CPA is but one of the more obvious "strings". What is not so obvious is the control and infringement upon our good county and her duly elected officials; most notably the office of high sheriff.

Does Anderson County really need Federal dollars to secure the "homeland", our homeland. You must remember the Department of Homeland Insecurity is the exact same bunch that believes they need the power to spy on ordinary citizens, feel up grandmas at airports and turn a blind eye to border incursions. Are these the fellows that should come down from their headquarters far away and tell Anderson County how to keep our home secure?

I think not. Take a stroll over to Clemson and visit the home of John C. Calhoun - go over to Williamston and take a gander at the monument to the Citadel Cadets that fired the last shot of The War west of the Mississippi, go sit down with some good ole boys at one of our local volunteer fire departments. We know how to defend our homes with words and actions.

Sheriff David Crenshaw is the highest lawman in the county, is he not? Common law, tradition and our own State Constitution would say so. If need be he can call out every man of good conscience and character to assist him; we don't need your Federal dollars, rules or meddling Mr. Department of Homeland Insecurity - go peddle your fear and bureaucracy elsewhere. You and your money have no place in Anderson County.

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