Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Death of the Constitution Party

The Constitution Party, possibly the last best hope for the restoration of the Republic, is dying. It is possible it has yet to die, thus I say dying. I have, as mentioned previously been remiss in keeping up with the particulars of all that has occurred and is occurring currently in the world outside of my daily focus. I do still receive a lot of email and have begun again the task of reading various messages from folks in the know on these matters.

I have been a strong supporter of the Constitution Party. I recieved and relay the news of the parties folly with great regret.

Steve Lefemine (Columbia Christians for Life) recently sent me two messages relating the troubles occurring within the ranks of the Constitution Party. Michael Peroutka posted his thoughts on the mistakes the national party has made here. Apparently the Constitution Party has determined to become nothing more than a clone of the GOP. What possible purpose could such compromise serve? The abandonment of such a core issue as life itself is inconceivable for a party that claims to want a restoration of the Republic. First among the rights guaranteed by the Republic of our forefathers is that of life. Compromise on core issues is not compromise at all: it is capitulation.

It has been said that politics is all local, it is also said that politics is all compromise. Each statement is correct. From the perspective of the latest news out of the Constitution Party compromise is death, not survival. If the CP continues down its current path it will neither restore the Republic or exist long as a viable third party. The GOP already has the market cornered for folks that believe they are conservative desire small government etc. etc. The truth of what the GOP is all about is apparent to any that have eyes to see. The CP is possible little better.

If the CP does not correct its course its actions will prove the first premise above, i.e. all politics is local. The CP was the last best hope for right minded, true conservatives. This was for all practical purposes the last real and viable effort at true restoration of the Republic. The failure of the CP at the national level to remain 100% true to its principles can only mean that it is pointless to continue to try to restore the Republic at all. Local politics is likely the only viable option for restoration of liberty and sanity.

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