Monday, July 05, 2004

Another false alarm

Another major holiday has come and gone. Prior to this holiday as with every event since 9/11 we were told to “be on the lookout”. This time the targets were exploding beer coolers and subway gassing. The holiday came and passed, as all the previous events, with no incident, no major arrest, no nefarious conspiracies uncovered.

It seems that the only terrorists we can find are those fighting in Iraq for their desire to influence the eventual nature of the government there. Where are all of the terrorist? Why are we constantly in a state of alert? Why do we need the Homeland Security Department and the Patriot Act?

It seems that all that these things have really accomplished is to take away more of our freedom and spend more of our money. It is time to stop this Orwellian mirage of constant vigilance against enemies that do not appear. It seems that the real enemy is clear and present and right in front of us. Maybe it is time more folks began to realize this fact.

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